• Developer: Zed-eX, London Ontario Canada
  • Release Date:November 12th 2015
  • Platforms: Steam PC/Linux
  • Price: $4.99 USD
  • Size: 198mb
  • Wiki: Chronoclysm.gamepedia.com/Chronoclysm
  • Contact: @ShaneBrando, shane@zed-ex.com

Chronoclysm is chaotic mind bending multiplayer fun. Up to 4 mixed local/online players compete to help their team survive.

Each round cascades forward however. Meaning everything that happened before will play out as it did... unless you change it.

Every sword swung or missile flung is an oppourtunity to rewrite the past and bring victory in the future.

  • Four player mixed local/online battle arena.
  • Unique cascading round combat system
  • Rich retro aesthetic
  • Steam workshop enabled level editor
  • Four paradox weaving classes

Chronoclysm was originally designed while exploring the aesthetics of play and attempting to distill the childhood joy the Brandon brothers experienced growing up playing games.

From the first prototype test and through to each new convention. It has been clear that the unique time cascading mechanic is a recipe for hilarity.

Chronoclysm is a project of passion and very little resources. Created by Shane Brandon with Chararcters by Travis Brandon, the team was small and online gameplay required an amount of resources that was not easily commited to at first.

The very eager players at Anime North 2016 were a convincing factor. Chronoclysm had to go online, which meant rebuilding from the ground up

Final rebuilding finished in April 2017 and utilizes far more of steams online multiplayer functionality. Including a workshop enabled level editor and in game map sharing.

Shane Brandon is a fullstack software industry veteran. After health issues forced him out in 2013 he turned to game development as a way to help cope with the social issues health problems can bring

Travis Brandon is his talented animator brother who has imbued the plucky cast of Chronoclysm with his personality.

The state of play is incredibly powerful. Play helps build relationships, it allows people to relax and let their gaurds down. Focusing on the interactions of the game and forgetting social stigmas. In this way games can put people through experiences that no other medium can.

That's why Zed-eX makes games that are about the players first. Moments we spend together having fun are precious and it's an honor to be a part of that experience.

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