Chronoclysm Online Beta!

The reviews have been heard. Chronoclysm needed to be online. It took a lot longer than I was hoping but happy to say it's finally nearly ready for beta testing. To sign up for the beta please click here

Check out the wiki for more information on the game and how to play. And while you're there feel free to help out if you like wikis! I'm all for community participation.

Looking forward to being able to enjoy the game with you players!

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The participation in culture is one of the major concepts that defines the human experience. We all fear from time to time what it means to be an animal that is self aware. That we are bound to some ultimate cruel nihilistic fate of irrelevance but also feeling so intensely while we live.

Chronoclysm is foremost an indulgence in artistic expression. It has been developed to serve as a vessel of emotional experience. Art is to emotion as words are to thought. Chronoclysm is the joy I felt playing games with my brother as a kid. It's all those late nights I had laughing myself stupid with childhood friends and a couple of gameboys.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder with borderline personality disorder traits. These conditions have been present nearly all of my life and the diagnosis helped to contextualize a lot of quirky behaviour

Bullying and abuse as a child drove me to attempt suicide at 11 and since then I have only further complicated my relationship with self destruction. It would be dishonest to say I've been in a good place. Chronoclysm has been a suicide prevention mechanism for me as well. I've been up against a mountain of bureaucracy trying to find and afford help. I wish I could properly explain the nightmare it has been. But it helps to apply a skill to something I love. To forget about the mental illness and the poverty to work on something for other people

I believe strongly in the psychology of play. When we are agreeing to play with each other it's easier to form relationships and try things out. People take things less serious and it provides the very atmosphere that makes being friends possible. Without activities to facilitate creating those bonds they won't be made. It's a big reason Chronoclysm is local multiplayer only, it's designed as a tool to facilitate that.

I've tried to create a game that focuses completely on game design to build friendships. Not by being overly ham handed or ramming the concept down peoples throats. I tried to make the type of game I could have played as a kid. And then giving options to play around and explore the gameplay. The exact type of game I loved to play with others.

The current game financing models really locks up games. They make you pay for every little section. The pros and cons of that strategy is a different discussion. But I think you cannot separate the finance model from the gameplay. So Chronoclysm may seem a bit out of current convention but this isn't me trying to be an indie rock star. I just wanted to make something to participate in culture. I had experiences as a kid that made me really happy and as I've been struggling with belonging it's nice to work on something that might share that happiness again with others.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything, suggestions whatever. I'm not a company, I'm a guy who put some code, pixels and notes together; I'm not unapproachable. Any feedback is very appreciated.