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Deleted Facebook

It is the year 2014, back in 2006 I joined facebook, meaning I hung out on that platform for 8 years. It had its ups and downs, there was a golden age for facebook, I would put it in the year 2007. Things felt real still. Over the years facebook learned a lot. They slowly became smoother and more corporate. Eventually giving way to what it is now, that familiar smooth nerf world that corporations erect around you, kept safe from experiencing negative thoughts. Becoming a vibe around you, influencing you but so subtly you don’t notice.

I don’t claim to have hard proof, and I don’t think that corporations do this consciously or sinisterly. More like it’s simply the most beneficial behavior to the entity and thus it’s chosen. The end result being that facebook depresses the shit out of me. I don’t need it and updating this post months out I’m still glad I did it.