A Response to “It’s always going to be who you know”

I understand the dismay but might if I may use your comment as a baseboard for a thought on frame of mind.

We work by association. We don’t remember memories by looking them up in a catalog. We can only access memories via association. Something has to prompt us.
Now this is why I want to bring up frame of mind because I in no way disagree who you know is important.

Instead I want to address how crucial it is to believe that it isn’t always going to be this way.

If we have the thoughts that things are stuck then we wind up only thinking about things in a frame of mind where they are hopeless. You can’t honestly see a future where it changes if you honestly believe that it will always be that way.

And so paradoxically, you wind up ensuring that you work towards the very future you fear. You adjust your plans for a world that cannot change and ensure that you live in a world that cannot change.

If you can imagine a world that is far more free and open then you can plan on how to get there. Finding the steps needed so that “It’s always going to be who you know” becomes “It doesn’t have to be, it’s who you know”.

I try not to be negative like this without backing it up and I hope I can present a realistic idea that makes it seem like it can be more than who you know.
How many people are in this sub? 20k? That is a number 4 times larger than my home town. That is a lot of people and we are all here. We talk a lot about minimum incomes in this sub so what’s stopping us from grouping together? We could organize even internally here and come up with minor money making ventures. However instead of doing it for individual profit we pool the income into a public fund. From that we can distribute a minimum income to anyone who wants it.

Maybe we are all broke as shit, we could start our own crypto currency or use an existing one as well. The boundaries of organization shouldn’t be limited to geography now that we have the internet. Completely independent of what is already established we can organize and provide outside that.

So you might be asking yourself. “Why is he still writing?”. Because attitude is so so so important. Maybe my idea is stupid, that’s not the point. The point is that its a vision of a system that does not require you to have intimate connections to be a part of something that has a purpose.

We don’t have to be lost. We can stop at anytime and look around ourselves, see what is happening and find ourselves. We just need to be able to imagine a future that its possible.

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